Everybody likes a compliment!

If you love our strawberries, we’d love to hear from you too!

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Abraham Lincoln was right, everybody does like a compliment and the team here at Matakana Berry Co & Gala Berry is no different.

We are really proud of our strawberry operation and over the last 35 years we have worked very hard to grow sustainably, improve our horticultural methods, reduce our carbon footprint and wherever possible, purchase products and services that are made locally and in an ethical manner.

We hand pick and pack our berries every day to ensure you, our customers, get only the freshest, ready-to-eat fruit. Our fresh strawberries are available from September through to January.

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It feels just wonderful when people phone, write or email to tell us how much they enjoy our strawberries from Matakana Berry Co (mbc) & Gala Berry. Thank you very much! It makes all the hard work worth it! If you love our strawberries, we’d love to hear from you! Please drop us an email!

Here are just a few of the compliments we have received lately:

Just wanted to say "WOW" - what an unbelievable experience.  Thank you so much!

Charmaine, 2018 PYO

Recently I visited NZ from Australia and bought a fresh strawberry ice-cream at your stall on the side of the road.  Never in my life have I EVER tasted such amazing ice-cream! I could easily have devoured two of them, but exercised restraint.  It was absolutely DIVINE!!!  

Marilyn, 2017

Best Tasting ... Bought some today ... Yum!

Selina, 2016

I love your strawberries!

Karen, 2015

We had some of your long stem strawberries today at a work morning tea - which were delicious

Heidi, 2015

Congratulations yummy yumm yummmmy!!! Yes the best tasting strawberries

Valerie, 2015

I have never tasted such flavoursome strawberries ever.  They are delicious.  Just wanted to give you a high five and a big thank you

Jan, 2015

Your strawberries are the sweetest, largest and juiciest berries I have ever tasted. My grandkids and I especially like them dipped in chocolate

Warwick, 2014

I have recently become a fruitarian and I absolutely had to contact your company to commend you on the quality of your strawberries. I eat about two punnets a day sometimes, and until this week had only been able to get imports from Australia. They seemed like they had been frozen?  Anyway, your strawberries are so sweet, fresh and like heaven to eat. I wish they were available all year

Liz, 2013

...the Omaha Strawberries in the supermarket are fabulous

Neil , 2014

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